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Statistical, AI and ML-based forecasting in Anaplan with PlanIQ


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Accurate forecasting is crucial to effective business planning. Anaplan is a SaaS platform for orchestrating business performance that contains a managed service – PlanIQ – that offers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities for predictive forecasting.

This capability combines the power of Amazon’s ML and deep learning algorithms on the backend with Anaplan’s calculation engine to generate reliable, agile forecasts without requiring large amounts of code to develop, deploy, and monitor forecasting models. This capability helps business users quickly and efficiently plan across any scenario by increasing forecast accuracy while also delivering quick time to value and efficiency gains throughout the overall forecasting process.

In this 30-minute recorded webcast Thorogood Consultants Deb Lee and Howard Yates discuss common challenges we are seeing in the industry around rolling out AI and ML applications at the enterprise level, provide an overview of PlanIQ and how it works, demonstrate how to train and use forecast models combined with scenario “what-if” analysis, and consider the key benefits for using PlanIQ in Anaplan.

Statistical, AI and ML-based forecasting in Anaplan with PlanIQ (36 mins)

What we cover:

  • Trends in business planning forecasting and business challenges with rolling out AI and ML applications at scale – based on what we’re seeing right now in the industry
  • How PlanIQ leverages industry-leading statistical, AI, and ML forecasting techniques within the Anaplan platform
  • How to train and use forecast models to generate predictions, allowing for transparency and “what-if” analysis for business users
  • The key benefits of using PlanIQ for advanced forecasting in Anaplan: accuracy, accessibility, and scalability

Is it for you?

  • Are you using Anaplan and interesting to enhance your forecasting capabilities?
  • Interested to understand how PlanIQ’s ML-based forecasting techniques can support use cases such as sales forecasting, demand planning, OpEx forecasting, or workforce planning?
  • Do you want to embed AI/ML forecasting into existing processes with the ability to schedule predictions and monitor quality in a managed SaaS platform?
  • Are you interested in understanding how you can drive top and bottom-line growth with industry-leading forecast technology?