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The Anaplan Power BI Connector


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A webcast exploring the new Power BI connector for Anaplan.  We show you how to get it, what possibilities it opens up, and what to be mindful of.  Thorogood is not only an Anaplan partner but also a Microsoft BI partner which has been helping Microsoft train users in Power BI through the Dashboard in Day program of virtual classrooms.

Some customers have in the past complained about the insular nature of Anaplan as an application because of the effort required to get data in and out of its cloud environment.  This situation has been gradually improving over recent years with an improved set of cloud compatible ETL tools and a connector for Tableau.  Recently this concept has taken another significant step forward with the release of Anaplan’s Power BI connector perhaps yielding to customer pressure.  Power BI, like Tableau, is a data visualization tool, with visualization capabilities beyond even Anaplan’s much improved new user interface.  It can do other things too.

In this webcast, we look at Anaplan’s Power BI connector and explore what benefits it could unlock for organizations that have both technologies and also provide an introduction to Power BI for those new to the technology.  Power BI has a raft of features that enable not just sophisticated visuals but facilitate the integration of data sources to give wider insights.  It is also able to store data. Understanding these features and the potential will help you make decisions on how to make use of these technologies in combination for your business circumstance.

In enabling data transfer to Power BI, one might think of switching reporting functionality away from Anaplan, for instance, such as standard monthly reporting of actuals to budget. This could mean consequently switching data storage/workspace usage and also user access/licensing away from Anaplan.  However, there are limitations and constraints to be considered.  We will look at these aspects and consider what might be a worthwhile approach to enjoy and benefit from this new development.

The Anaplan Power BI Connector

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