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Whether it’s new monitoring features in Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks’ release of a full ML lifecycle solution, or powerful enhancements to Text Analytics in the Cognitive Services toolset, we’re seeing rapid evolution and sophistication of Azure technologies in the AI and ML spaces.

Layered in are exciting and demanding opportunities to leverage the technologies to make a difference in enterprises and in the world. ESG, sustainability, digital transformation, responsible AI, cybersecurity, supply chain optimization, and the list goes on of modern day opportunities to apply AI and ML approaches to make better, more timely, and more future-proofed decisions.

In this recorded webcast, we discuss important updates to Microsoft’s suite of AI and ML technologies and indications on their future pipeline. We also cover some common use cases we’ve been seeing across industries and help to envisage how Microsoft’s toolset can be applied to tackle enterprise challenges.

Microsoft’s Latest ML and AI Tools (30 mins)

What we cover:

  • Latest updates to Microsoft’s flagship AI & ML tools
  • Impacts both on technical possibilities and business opportunities in using the Microsoft toolset
  • Ideating on potential integrations and new approaches in using the tools
  • Trends in POCs and other evaluations that we’re seeing right now in the industry

Is it for you?

  • Are you keeping up with your competitors in using AI and ML to move the needle?
  • Are you looking to learn about the latest in Microsoft’s tool landscape?
  • Do you see an opportunity to apply AI and ML techniques to your organization’s challenges?
  • Are you interested in how Microsoft’s ML and AI tools can enable MLOps capabilities for data science at scale?