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Introduction to Microsoft's Power Automate


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Most of us have experienced a situation when a simple, repetitive but necessary task has taken up multiple hours of our workday. It could be a regular task such as downloading an attachment and placing it in a certain shared folder once a week, or a long monotonous task like updating a large excel file with the latest information. Whatever the task may be, the thought may have popped into your head: “there should be a much easier way to do this”.

Power Automate can help you find that easier way, freeing up your workday for more exciting, challenging and creative tasks. It is a tool that can sync with the apps that you use on a daily basis to replace your manual steps with automation reducing time spent on a rudimentary task. Furthermore, users of Power Automate can take advantage of its drag and drop interface and don’t have to write a single line of code.

This webcast will give a short and informative view of Power Automate and how it can help both the individual as well as the wider organization.

What to expect

In this webcast we will:

  • Introduce Power Automate
  • Detail the types of activities where Power Automate can be effectively employed
  • Demonstrate Power Automate’s capability through a couple of examples

Is it for you?

  • Do you think further automation could benefit the processes your organization uses to manage and analyze its data?
  • Would you like to reduce the time you spend on boring and manual tasks?
  • Have you heard of Power Automate but are looking for practical examples of its potential use cases?