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Driving Insights from External Syndicated Data


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In this recorded webcast, Thorogood consultant Liz McCreesh looks at ways of driving more insights from external syndicated data.

Maximizing the investment made in external data can be frustrating. Organizations often spend many hours extracting data from syndicated data sites – a highly manual process often being done in parallel by multiple teams. Combining different data sets to really understand your market and consumers can empower users, but how easy is it to deliver self-service access to syndicated data? Is putting it in a data lake the answer? During this webcast, we address some of the challenges of sharing syndicated data across the organization.

Driving Insights from Syndicated and other External Data Sources

During this webcast we:

  • Highlight some of the challenges of aligning syndicated data
  • Look at how analytics can help automate the process of aligning internal and external data
  • Show how to derive automated insights from external data

Is it for you?

  • Are you a business user having to source your own syndicated data
  • Are you frustrated at the amount of time being spent processing external data
  • Do you want to better align internal and external data
  • Could you learn more from syndicated data with automated insights?