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Join us on June 27 for a short webcast introducing the Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers solution powered by Microsoft Azure.

By using market share and consumer behavior data from external providers such as Nielsen and Kantar, manufacturers are able to better understand their products’ performance, along with threats and opportunities posed by other competitors in their market.

For organizations operating at scale with myriad channels, brands, categories, and geographical territories to consider, relying on managers and analysts to identify opportunities from the data is time-consuming and limited by human capabilities.

  • With countless permutations and scenarios in your data, how much manpower is spent trying to navigate it to find valuable insights to assess and act upon, only to start again as the data refreshes?
  • What is the likelihood that time spent investigating a particular line of thought will return key insight?
  • Are there patterns or trends in your data that simple investigation by human hand may be missing?
  • How does a user really know if something they are seeing is significant?

Thorogood Automated Insights for Manufacturers provides a unique solution that allows you to get to the real insights that are impacting your business, in rapid time and in a manageable and repeatable way.

Leveraging the latest data platform technologies from Microsoft and advanced analytic algorithms,  Thorogood AIM can process vast amounts of data across many dimensions and grains fast, without pause, applying statistical techniques that surface insights which would likely not be humanly detectable, spotting outliers, and assessing different growth patterns.

Sign up for our webcast to see a demo of the solution and learn how you could benefit from the automated insights engine.