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Thorogood consultant Jai Pradhan shows, in this recorded webcast, how you can leverage data analytics to achieve your sustainability goals.

In recent years, sustainability initiatives have evolved from tools that help curate a public perception of environmental consciousness, to agents that drive profitability.

Through such programs, businesses can realize cost savings and insulate themselves from resource shortages and price uncertainties.

Today’s world is awash with data, but pinpointing the right data to help your organization define its sustainability goals, validate business decisions, and engage stakeholders has never been more essential.

Thorogood has partnered with manufacturing industry leaders to deploy data analytics applications targeted towards improving sustainability.

This webcast explores the current and future landscape of data solutions for sustainability, and highlights the benefits of Sustainability Analytics with examples from packing, sourcing and selection of ingredients.

During the webcast we leverage our valuable experience to showcase how customised analytics and enterprise strategies can allow businesses to simplify key metrics, turning complex information into valuable insights that fuel decision making.

Sustainability Analytics

What to expect:

This webcast includes presentations and demonstrations as we discuss the following topics:

  • Why Sustainability Analytics is relevant to so many organizations
  • How data analytics solutions can help you assess the impact of your organization’s sustainability initiatives
  • How to evaluate your packaging and ingredient choices, and sourcing options to identify sustainable alternatives

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to derive insights from your organization’s sustainability data?
  • Would you like to understand how data analytics solutions have helped others to address common sustainability challenges?
  • Are you interested in how analytics can help you improve packaging and sourcing sustainability through identifying alternatives?