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Power BI Governance


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Microsoft provides a compelling option for the surfacing of data and insights through their Power BI product, and it is one that is constantly evolving.

In fact, Power BI’s pace of evolution has lifted it to the forefront of the data exploration landscape in a relatively short timeframe, and the cadence of feature releases both maintains that momentum and challenges enterprise organizations looking to deliver stability, reliability, and end-user support.

In this webcast, we’ll explore the benefits of a coordinated, centrally-driven approach to promote the use of best practice for Power BI across the organization, increase awareness of opportunities to drive business value from data, and reduce the dependence on IT for the production and maintenance of analyses and dashboards.

Power BI Governance

What we’ll cover

  • What’s special about Microsoft Power BI?
  • The value of self-service enablement
  • What does a Power BI CoE need to cover?
  • What’s involved in establishing a Power BI CoE

Is it for you?

  • Are you considering adopting Power BI at scale?
  • Are you already using Power BI but struggling to maintain standards and share best practice?
  • Are you concerned about Power BI’s frequent updates and how you can ensure analyses and dashboards continue to work as designed?