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Key Takeaways from the 2024 Databricks Data & AI Summit


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Databricks offers the leading unified Data & AI platform available across the major clouds of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud. Enterprise organizations have almost ubiquitously adopted the class-leading platform for elements of their Data & AI workloads at scale, whether it be for data engineering and storage in Lakehouses, ML and MLOps, LLM and LLMOps, data governance with Unity Catalog, or a combination of those elements. Databricks’ annual Data & AI Summit in San Franisco is their flagship conference and where they unveil the major developments and roadmap of all aspects of their complete data platform offering.

Key Takeaways from the 2024 Databricks Data & AI Summit (30 mins)

Thorogood has been partnered with Databricks for over 6 years and bringing the value of this platform to solve valuable business problems for leading organizations in the Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Financial Services sectors. In this recorded webinar, Thorogood Data & AI Consultants Tim Tague and Ben Dunmire leverage their technical Data & AI expertise and knowledge of applying Databricks to customer business challenges to share what they think you need to know about new developments of Databricks and the future roadmap of the platform. There are relevant updates spanning data engineering and storage, data governance, data science and AI capabilities – and we share them in terms that make sense and matter to your organization.

What we cover:

  • A perspective on the key announcements from the Databricks’ Data & AI Summit 2024 and their potential impact
  • A holistic view of how the platform has been evolving over the past several years and how we see it progressing in 2024 & beyond
  • A sense of what the current platform offerings and new developments mean for CPG, healthcare, and financial services enterprise organizations
  • A complete view of how Databricks can solve your business challenges in conjunction with other Data & AI offerings from top vendors

Is it for you?

  • Are you keen to get a grounding in Databricks?
  • Are you seeking to further and bring up-to-date your knowledge of Databricks?
  • Are you hoping to extend existing investments in Databricks with the latest functionality and features?