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An Introduction to Microsoft Fabric


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Microsoft Fabric has been the buzz across the Data & Analytics space in the past few months. Many people are discussing it at a high level, but what does it actually offer, and how can you benefit from it in your organization?

Introduction to Microsoft Fabric (32 mins)

In this recorded webcast Thorogood Data and Analytics Consultants John Miller and Ewan Yeaxlee explore the release of Microsoft Fabric. Microsoft Fabric brings together data and analytics capabilities into one simplified platform, offering a one-stop-shop that serves a wide range of data visualization and data transformation use cases. As we dive into the tool’s capabilities, we’ll help you consider how Fabric integrates with your existing data and analytics workflow to unlock more valuable insights.

In this webcast, we:

  • Dive into the capabilities and features of Microsoft Fabric, a robust framework that enables the development of highly scalable and distributed applications
  • Explore how Microsoft Fabric differs from Microsoft’s Azure offerings
  • Take a look at the impact of Fabric on the existing Azure Landscape
  • Briefly delve into the licensing and setup of Fabric
  • Examine the integration of AI into Microsoft Fabric & CoPilot

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in introducing Microsoft Fabric in your organization?
  • Do you have users or teams who want to access and augment data, but without the complexity of all the separate Azure tools?
  • Are you looking to simplify how users across your organization can access and utilize data?

An Introduction to Microsoft Fabric (36 mins)