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Power BI with Azure Synapse


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Since its announcement, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics has built on Microsoft’s Azure data platform offering to create a versatile tool for end-to-end analytics from loading and transforming data to reporting and data science use cases.

Bringing together existing tools with new capabilities that unlock a more comprehensive range of use cases, it’s a strong move by Microsoft to create a more unified experience that will make it quicker than ever to move from data to insights.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultants Deepika Bhatt and James Leonard explore the deep integration of Power BI with Azure Synapse as both a data source and a development platform, and identify the primary benefits of using Azure Synapse for new and existing solutions.

Power BI with Synapse (23 mins)

What we cover:

Drawing from experience with cloud implementations and the latest from Microsoft, we will discuss:

  • The features of Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Opportunities and benefits of using Azure Synapse for new and existing Power BI solutions
  • Leveraging Azure Synapse to deliver report performance at scale

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently, or already, deploying an Azure cloud ecosystem?
  • Are you looking to integrate you new and existing Power BI solutions with Azure cloud?
  • Do you have both data lake and data warehouse assets and are looking to drive maximum value from those investments?

Azure Synapse Analytics (48 mins)

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