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Paginated Reports and Power BI


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The ease and accessibility of software like Microsoft’s Power Platform have revolutionized the concept of enterprise BI.

Driven by an ambition to make every job in an organization a data-driven job, the Power Platform enables users to break through the siloization of traditional reporting and create embedded solutions with game-changing benefits. Yet to realize such potential, it is key to understand when, where, and how each of the tools best matches functionality to needs and utilize them in the most impactful manner.

Power BI has quickly become Microsoft’s data reporting tool of choice to create interactive, flexible, and scalable dashboards, and is increasingly being regarded as the desktop tool to go beyond reporting. On the other hand, Power BI Report Builder’s unmatched ability to produce pixel-perfect reports ready for distribution is a powerful weapon to access and share information faster.

In this webcast, we provide an overview of the capabilities of both Power BI and Power BI Report Builder, and the use cases that fit each tool best. We also cover how to integrate them both to create a powerful platform with which to drive enterprise BI to the next level.

What we cover:

  • Introduction to Microsoft’s Power Platform, Power BI, and Power BI Report Builder
  • Power BI vs Report Builder: what each is, why bother, how to use them
  • Next steps to take your reporting to the next level with Microsoft’s Power Platform

Is it for you?

  • Are you keen on knowing more about how to leverage the Power Platform for reporting?
  • Are you unsure about the differences between Power BI and Report Builder, and when to use which?
  • Are you a Power BI user looking to batch-distribute reports?
  • Are you an SSRS or Paginated Report user interested in enhancing the flexibility and dynamism of your reports with Power BI?

Paginated Reports and Power BI

Paginated Reports and Power BI (30 mins)

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