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Power BI New Features H1 2021


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Staying up to date with the rapidly evolving world of data and analytics technology can be difficult, and more importantly, of these changes, it can be difficult to further ascertain which of these are the most important to you.

Power BI and the Power Platform is one such sphere, where the changes are frequent and are increasingly indicating ways in which the tools can be used in conjunction with each other opening up further possibilities around what businesses can do with these tools at their disposal.

Watch this recorded webcast where Thorogood Consultant Raghav Pandey looks at which of the updates are most likely to be relevant to your reporting and analytics needs, and what they thus indicate about the future moving forward. We cover the inclusions into Power BI from the first half of the year and particularly focus on those that have improved the manner in which certain analyses can be done and relate these features to real business scenarios that we all encounter.

Power BI New Features 2021 (34 mins)

What we cover:

  • A brief overview of the overarching objective under which the new Power BI features are being available and what this would mean for the tool’s consumers
  • Associating features and functionality to business scenarios and methods of analysis, building on from what existed in the tool
  • Demonstrations where possible of these features, showcasing the ins and outs

Is it for you?

  • Are you evaluating what tools are best placed for your specific analysis requirements?
  • Are you currently using Power BI and would like to learn more about the new features and it’s wider integration with associated tools?
  • Are you looking to create sophisticated reports leveraging recent features which have been made available within Power BI?