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Analytics for Digital Commerce with Power BI


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Companies are seeing more and more of their sales and customer interactions shift online each year. The recent pandemic only accelerated this shift further. Therefore, it is important to understand the customers’ end-to-end online buying journey rather than solely the final purchase. Digital commerce encompasses all of this.


Analytics for Digital Commerce with Power BI (29 mins)

With the constant growth in technology and varying availability of data, it is crucial now more than ever, to think of about how businesses can adapt their data analytics approaches to include the growing digital commerce side of their business. How does a company leverage their people, processes, tools, and data to begin to analyze that?

In this recorded webinar, Thorogood data and analytics consultants Robbie Shaw and Sushma Sekar cover the different areas of digital commerce that your company can explore by utilizing different data analytics methods – from simple data visualization, to machine learning and AI. All of this will demonstrate how companies can examine their complete digital journey with customers, from initial interaction, to acquisition, through to retention.

What we cover:

  • E-Commerce vs Digital Commerce
  • Analysis of online sales including evaluation of key metrics, performance against competitors and forecasting demand
  • How to get a better understanding of your presence digitally through approaches such as social media sentiment analysis.

This webcast will also include a demo of reports in Power BI related to some of the above topics.

Is this for you?

  • Are you looking to start or enhance a digital commerce initiative at your organization to expand sales?
  • Are you exploring customer engagement and retention strategies?
  • Are you interested to get a better understanding of how customers talk about your product online?