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Near Real-Time Brand Sentiment Analysis with AWS and QuickSight


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The ability to analyze how consumers perceive a brand or an event is highly sought after by many companies. Furthermore, in this fast digital age, information needs to be captured and distributed to decision makers as soon as possible.

Consumer sentiment is particularly valuable when it can be used as an early indicator to a change in the consumption of the products a company is selling. The earlier the indicator, the sooner the company can act, whether it is to inform the supply chain and production teams of likely incoming increases in demand, or to react quickly towards any negative sentiment.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood Data and Analytics Consultant Sushma Sekar shows how consumer sentiment can be captured using a combination of AWS and Amazon QuickSight.

Near Real Time Brand Sentiment Analysis with AWS and QuickSight (14 mins)

What we cover:

  • An overview of sentiment analysis
  • The AWS architecture required to ingest and process streaming data from social media
  • Using QuickSight to visualize the processed data to answer key queries
  • What are some of the latest tweets?
  • What is sentiment over time?
  • What is working well in different geographic locations?
  • Notify me when there is a spike in mentions

Is it for you?

  • Are you involved in brand management and are interested in tracking user perception of your brand(s) on social media?
  • Are involved in campaign management and are interested in measuring the reach and discussion generated from your campaign?
  • Would you or your business benefit from capturing sentiment analysis?