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Harmonizing External and Internal Masterdata


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Today, data is the currency of the world and the true caliber of analytics can be exploited only by understanding the challenges and intricacies of working with Retail Data. One of the key data sources especially for CPG companies is their Retail Data acquired from External agencies.

Nielsen, IRI, and other leading external syndicated market data providers supply aggregated retailer, product, and invoice datasets built on complex hierarchies and relationships form only one link to the chain.

Analyzing and simplifying the underlying relationships while combining external datasets with internal masterdata enables a faster delivery of insights and results while building large, complex data-driven systems.

Thorogood consultant Rohan Pullela, explores some of Thorogood’s experience working extensively with leading market research data providers like Nielsen, IRI, etc., discussing the perspectives behind modeling systems comprising of multiple relationships, hierarchies, and dynamics behind data.

Harmonising External and Internal Master Data (22 mins)

What we cover:

  • Challenges faced when dealing with external market data providers like Nielsen, IRI, etc.
  • Breakdown of multi-dimensional datasets covering external and internal data sources.
  • Building flexible, optimized business systems while maximizing data quality for actionable insights.

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to work with external data providers like Nielsen, IRI, etc. to derive business insights and perform market research?
  • Are you interested in streamlining your data model for quicker processing and querying?