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Data Governance for Organizational Effectiveness and Security


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Many organizations now have data lakes exploding with massive volumes of data from disparate sources, along with major objectives relying on surfacing effective data models. Meanwhile, all the time, business teams are pushing for wider and greater self-serve data capabilities. Now, more than ever, there’s a need for dynamic data governance.

Luckily, the flexibility of self-serve at enterprise scale and tight IT control are no longer mutually exclusive. In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Data and Analytics consultant Robbie Shaw explores how to create well-balanced organizational structures that supply data to everyone who needs it while ensuring data quality, content security, and consistency.

Data Governance for Organizational Effectiveness and Security (32 mins)

What we cover:

  • Data governance from the privacy and security perspective
  • Data governance for organizational effectiveness and value
  • Tool options to augment a data governance strategy

Is it for you:

  • Are you trying to work out an effective data governance strategy?
  • Are you interested in which technologies can assist your data governance?