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Design for Future Innovation in the Cloud


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Machine Learning, IoT, real-time data, unstructured and text analytics are just some of the potential analytics areas you might want to consider for your data strategy, but how do you design for all the future objectives without getting caught up in possibilities that don’t even exist yet? We’ll show how you can address today’s requirements to start delivering value, while designing the flexibility that will support future innovation, both known and unknown.

In our experience of helping large, global organizations deliver data and analytics in the cloud, we’ve seen a wide variety of approaches to building out a cloud data platform strategy. With a well-designed approach, both the platform and data can continue to deliver business value for years into the future. In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Data & Analytics Consultant Andrew Kennedy takes you through key pointers and observations of how to design a strategy that successfully delivers on both the current and future business needs.

Design for Future Innovation in the Cloud (30 mins)

What we cover:

  • Understanding the importance of considering the future capabilities of the platform alongside current requirements
  • How to bring together business requirements and the technical capabilities required to deliver them
  • What to do with scenarios that require more flexibility than the standard architecture allows

Is it for you?

  • Have you been thinking about how to advance your journey in adopting the cloud for data and analytics?
  • Are you defining your cloud data platform strategy and want to make sure it’s fit for the future?
  • Would you benefit from new and innovative solutions that target business goals, but need guidance in designing a platform to support them?