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Customer Segmentation in a Digital Age


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Companies have long employed a variety of traditional approaches to segment customers into discrete, similar buckets, often to varying degrees of success.  As digital transformation continues to reshape the world around us, the application of data and analytics to identify the best customers is necessary to shape an organization’s segmentation and targeting strategy.

Advances in digital technologies and changing consumer behavior have resulted in a proliferation of data, and the advent of cloud computing has made storing and processing that data cheaper and easier than ever before.  The availability of open-source libraries and the evolution of analytic tools have made it possible to apply statistical techniques in novel ways and to do so at a scale and speed that was once impossible or at least impractical for many organizations.

In this recorded webcast, Thorogood Consultant Amanda Teschko brings together traditional theories of customer segmentation and modern applications of data science to illustrate the potential that can be unlocked.

Customer Segmentation in a Digital Age (28 mins)

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