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Focus on the right competition with Market Share stealers analysis


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The past year for the consumer shopping climate has been tumultuous at best; supply chains have been disrupted, consumer preferences and purchasing habits have changed, and the way in which businesses operate has seen a massive shift. What will separate manufacturers that succeed in a global pandemic where all consumers have been affected? Those who understand the market and have the information to act quickly. Speed, quality of insights, and the ability to turn those insights into actionable recommendations will determine who emerges on top.

Thorogood’s Market Share Stealers analytics technique is a top-down diagnosis to help manufacturers identify which specific products are stealing market share in terms of volume, value, and distribution. This analysis can serve as the starting point for identifying where to focus promotional investments, how to prioritize and optimize shelf spots to resonate with the consumer, and where to invest innovation resources based on market trends.

Focus on the right competition with Market Share stealers analysis (26 mins)

What We Cover

  • An introduction and demonstration of the application of the Market Share Stealers technique and its importance in the industry
  • The applications of Stealers Analysis across channels, categories, and different levels of the product hierarchy within the CPG industry and how future analyses can be based around these findings

Is it for you?

  • Are you responsible for identifying emerging market trends, allocating promotional investments, or recommending innovations at a CPG company?
  • Are you looking for a new analytics diagnostic tool that can be used to analyze the competitive market’s winners, losers, and biggest competitors?
  • Are you interested in learning more about how to introduce exploratory analytics capabilities for rapid market analysis?