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Designing Your Analytics Organizational Structure


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Though organizations have long accepted the value of using analytics to improve their decision making, many still grapple with the challenge of designing an organizational structure that best enables this. In this recorded webcast Thorogood Consultant Amanda Teschko shares some of our experiences.

Should your analytics organization function as a central role, servicing a variety of business units, or should it sit within a siloed business unit, maximizing the benefit of domain expertise?  What skills are necessary for the team to possess, and should you build these skills in house or buy them? Who should set the direction for your analytics organization, and how can you incentivize groups in alignment with it?

These are the questions that trouble modern companies as they work out how best to unleash the power of data within the walls of their organizations.  While there is no “one right way” to organize your analytics function, we will draw from our experiences and organizational theory to explore the benefits and shortcomings of different approaches.

Analytics Organization Structures (31 minutes)