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Introduction to Automated Testing in Modern Data Architecture


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  • Modern Data Architecture
  • DevOps
  • Automated Testing

In this recorded webcast we discuss key considerations in approaching testing modern data architecture and think about how automated testing can help achieve greater business results in an efficient manner.

Thorogood consultants Scott Stieritz and Nanda Kumar Naindurai examine in this era of Digital Transformation, how organizations are reimagining business processes to increase productivity, achieve greater efficiencies and gain competitive advantage. Bringing Automated Testing concepts into your data architecture helps you achieve all of these.

Introduction to Automated Testing in Modern Data Architectures (29 minutes)

What to expect

This webcast includes a live presentation discussing the following topics:

  • An introduction to software testing concepts
  • Considerations for creating automated test scripts in your data architecture
  • Showcasing where automated testing fits into the big picture

Is it for you?

  • Have you been exploring ways to reduce the time to deliver value to your business groups?
  • Have you considered automating repeatable test-cases to reduce manual test workloads?
  • Are you interested in understanding best practices involved in implementing automated testing?