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Databricks & Thorogood Co-Present: Rapid Market Data Analytics in a COVID-19 World


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  • Databricks
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  • Power BI

COVID-19 is a public health crisis that has profoundly impacted the way in which we live our lives resulting in substantial changes for all businesses across industries. It is critical that organizations swiftly work with internal and external data to understand trends and patterns and react appropriately to shifts in their markets. Databricks offers a compelling data engineering and data science platform that can be leveraged to unearth these critical insights, and Thorogood has experience developing and deploying Databricks solutions to this end for enterprise organizations adapting to the current situation.

Effectively leveraging internal and external data has been a strategic priority for most enterprise organizations over the past several years, but the importance of tapping into data and extracting meaningful signals has never been more apparent than during the current pandemic. Organizations that quickly shift resources towards COVID-19 data analysis are well placed to react to the changed business environment and understand how competitors are reacting.

Thorogood has been working with enterprise customers to conduct analyses on internal and external data to understand shifts in the market. This analysis is aiding decision-making in terms of reallocation of resource and priority, especially with respect to customer development, marketing, and supply chain. By taking advantage of cloud data platforms and powerful data analysis and integration tools such as Databricks and Power BI, valuable and timely insights can be delivered to decision-makers.

In this joint-webcast, Thorogood Consultants Deb Lee and Ben Dunmire alongside Databrick’s Global Retail and CPG Industry Leader, Rob Saker, will share thoughts on effectively integrating internal and external data sources to understand trends in these circumstances; they will demo techniques, share outputs and discuss the value of getting this analysis right, and quickly.

Databricks & Thorogood: Rapid Market Data Analytics in a COVID-19 World (55 minutes)

What we cover

Drawing from experience with COVID-19 data analysis, we demo and discuss:

  • The criticality of effectively conducting analysis on an ongoing basis in this changed environment
  • The value of analyzing market data and methodologies to leverage those sources
  • Techniques for conducting analysis on this data using Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Power BI
  • Outputs, reports, and examples of actionable insights which we have generated

Is it for you?

  • Is your organization affected by the pandemic and need to understand how your market is reacting?
  • Are you seeking to adapt to the changed business environment?
  • Are you responsible for data analysis, data integration, or analytics within your organization?
  • Are you responsible for decision making within your organization?