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Business Intelligence for Revenue Management in uncertain times


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How can you “sell smarter” when everything around you is changing – markets you knew overtaken by new channels, established staples losing out to newly in-demand products? Comprehensive revenue management will help you focus on the opportunity.

Revenue management is vital to the success of your organization. Being able to model the breadth and depth of data available can help identify short term changes and drive better insights for growth in difficult times. In this recorded webinar we explain the strategies you can use to make data-driven, user-relevant decisions, maximizing your revenue potential in difficult times.

In this follow-up to a webcast broadcast in November 2019, we look in more detail at how an understanding of the levers and enablers of revenue management can provide insights into what is and what is not working in your pricing, portfolio and mix strategies, especially important at times of uncertainty, and how you can move along the revenue management maturity spectrum.

What we cover in this webcast:

  • Fundamentals of Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management application considerations
  • External data provisioning
  • External and internal data integration
  • Granularity of reporting
  • Local vs. global alignment
  • User adoption approaches

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently seeking new strategies to address revenue?
  • Are you building applications to support revenue management?
  • Have you had issues aligning data or reporting out diagnostics?
  • Do you need a scalable, robust RM design?