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Business Intelligence for Revenue Management


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We take a deep dive into the practical application of revenue management and the strategies you can use to make data-driven, user-relevant decisions, maximizing your revenue potential.

Revenue management takes the age-old “sell more” and transforms it to “sell smarter”. Understanding the fundamentals of revenue management is vital to its success for your organization. Going beyond the fundamentals – knowing and accurately modeling the breadth and depth of data available – can paint a more holistic picture and drive better insights for growth.

We’ve identified key drivers for success in building out and gaining adoption of a revenue management application, including reliable & repeatable integration of external and internal data and providing report views at different granularities to cover a wide audience.

Business Intelligence for Revenue Management (21 mins)

What we cover in this webcast:

  • Fundamentals of Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management application considerations
    • External data provisioning
    • External and internal data integration
    • Granularity of reporting
    • Local vs. global alignment
    • User adoption approaches

Is it for you?

  • Are you currently seeking new strategies to address revenue?
  • Are you building applications to support revenue management?
  • Have you had issues aligning data or reporting out diagnostics?
  • Do you need a scalable, robust RM design?