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BI thinking outside the box – explore strategies for extending BI into other applications.

Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau and Power BI can connect to a variety of data sources and enable users to quickly build beautiful visualizations. So why do you need more? Many companies have invested significantly in Business Intelligence technologies but have realized that not all challenges can be overcome ‘out of the box’. Finding ways to extend the capabilities of these tools can help close these gaps.

In this recorded webcast, we demonstrate how using an embedded solution can offer the best of both worlds – beautiful and impactful visualizations leveraged through solutions that give important context and enhanced functionality beyond what can be achieved in the out-of-the-box offering.

BI thinking outside the box

What to expect

This recorded webcast includes a live presentation and demos as it discusses the most common business cases for working outside the BI box, with customer examples of embedded BI solutions using a number of technologies and approaches.

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in adding relevant context for decision making within an application or business process?
  • Are you looking to extend your existing BI technologies to gain more value?
  • Are you looking to introduce enhanced functionality into your reporting that is not currently available in out of the box BI technologies?
  • Are you interested in how other companies have successfully integrated technologies such as Power BI or Tableau into other applications?