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Be more data driven with Qlik – powered by Thorogood


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We all know the realities when it comes to trying to report on data. Finding the right information, presenting it neatly and finding deeper insight can be a challenge.

Qlik, a tool currently used in many leading companies, has the answer to these challenges. It provides a visual and intuitive platform to analyze your business.

This recorded webcast will give you a comprehensive introduction to Qlik tools including live demonstrations of tasks such as sourcing & merging different datasets, building interactive dashboards and performing what-if analysis.

In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultants, Al McEwan and Robbie Shaw show how to be more data-driven using Qlik.

Introduction to Qlik

What to expect

In this webcast we:

  • Introduce Qlik and its range of products
  • Demonstrate the path from basic data on a spreadsheet to an insightful dashboard
  • Demonstrate the most useful capabilities