Catastrophe Claims Reporting Dashboard

Case study

Our client is a Managing Agent at Lloyd's, underwriting a diversified portfolio of global specialty lines of business from its operations at Lloyd's and around the world.

The Vision

The client wanted to develop a specific dashboard for the existing management information and analytics suite to help claims teams analyze the effect of catastrophes’ claims profiles on the business. The majority of data would come from the existing company data warehouse and data from Lloyds of London. Catastrophe claims impact the business over the long term, and in many cases, pay-outs are spread over 20 to 30 years. It is important for the claims teams to keep abreast of claims and settlements while assessing the impact on the future as well as comparing the company standpoint with the rest of the industry.

The Solution

Thorogood developed a QlikView dashboard which draws directly from the data warehouse and gives insight to the claims team on how catastrophes have affected the company. The claims team can track the development of catastrophe claims and settlements. QlikView allows for interactive data discovery and enables them to compare catastrophes and filter the data based on the internal business hierarchy all the while comparing the company with the Lloyds market averages.

Value in 3 Months

During development, an agile, iterative approach was taken. Business users were involved throughout the design and development process to ensure that the dashboard was intuitive, easy-to-use and also provided clear and obvious answers to their business questions. This approach meant the project went from an initial wireframe design to live in three months.

Find out more

Contact James Leonard for more information. James is a Data & AI Consultant at Thorogood and UK Managing Director