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Qlik Product Roadmap: 2019 Updates


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Thorogood consultants Deepika Bhatt and Robbie Shaw share the latest Qlik product updates, with our highlights and insights from the 2019 Qonnections conference.

Qlik is continually advancing and expanding its products for clients. This year has been no different with three acquisitions in the past 12 months of Podium Data, Crunch Bot, and Attunity. These acquisitions formed part of Qlik’s new range of offerings presented at the 2019 Qlik Qonnections conference in Dallas.

In this webcast, they provide Thorogood’s perspective on the advancements to Qlik’s offerings and demonstrate some aspects of Qlik Sense which can help the less data-savvy members of your organization improve their understanding of data, find their own data insights, and share those insights more easily.


Qlik Product Roadmap: 2019 Update

What to expect

Overview of the Qlik platform
Insights and updates from Qlik’s 2019 conference, including:

  • Qlik Data Catalyst
  • Qlik Insight Bot

Demonstration of Qlik Sense, including:

  • Automatically generated insights
  • Data Storytelling
  • Using the mobile app

Is it for you?

  • Is your organization currently using any Qlik products? Do you want to see how else you could be using Qlik’s facilities?
  • Are you interested in seeing how the very user-friendly interface of Qlik Sense can provide useful insights with a few clicks?
  • Do you want to see alternative ways to view and share your Qlik Sense data insights through storytelling and your smart device?