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Integrated Planning for SBF, GAAP & more

Type: Breakfast briefing

Topic: SBF, GAAP, Anaplan, Lloyd's, Insurance

Date(s) / Location(s):
28 Mar 2018, City of London

Start Time: 08:30 BST  End Time: 10:30 BST

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Event address

etc. venues Monument
8 Eastcheap

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Join us for breakfast on March 28th where we'll demonstrate Anaplan’s power as the core of an integrated planning environment – connecting SBF process and submission with GAAP planning, and linking with the Enterprise Data Warehouse.


In this short briefing session, we will demonstrate the potential of the Anaplan cloud platform to support many planning, modeling and reporting processes.  We'll explain what makes it so popular and suitable for such a wide variety of applications and let you see first-hand the flexibility and processing power.

We will show how Anaplan can be applied to a Lloyd's Insurance scenario, providing very different applications for SBF and GAAP planning whilst having both integrated with each other and linking with an enterprise data warehouse.  We'll explain how the platform ensures consistency between systems yet with the flexibility to be able to quickly adjust and remodel whilst retaining audit, control, and speed.