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Powerful Pairings: Maximizing Insight with Tableau and Anaplan

Type: Webcast

Topic: Tableau, Anaplan

Date(s) / Location(s):
19 Jan 2017, At your desk

Start Time: 00:00 EST  End Time: 00:00 EST

Anaplan allows you to deliver flexible yet integrated, data driven forecasting processes quicker than ever before. Tableau’s most recent update includes a native connector to Anaplan, now enabling you to provide best-in-class planning and budgeting analytics and visualizations to a wider analytic community. Thorogood consultants Rachel Ingber and Dorcas Huang demonstrate how the combination of Tableau and Anaplan offers a dynamic platform for enabling data driven planning and decision making scaled throughout your organization.


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Watch Tableau and Anaplan combined

What we cover:

During this webcast, we:

  • Introduce Anaplan’s cloud-based planning and analytics platform as well as the Tableau product suite
  • Explain how Tableau and Anaplan can be used together to provide a robust platform for planning, analytics and reporting
      • Demonstrate how Tableau’s visualization capabilities can augment Anaplan’s current reporting outputs to deliver these outputs in a familiar reporting platform like Tableau Server
      • Demonstrate how Tableau can provide enhanced reporting value by combining Anaplan data with other enterprise data sources
      • Demonstrate how these tools can be used to streamline your current spreadsheet-based planning processes and amplify insights
  • Explore some considerations for getting started with Tableau and Anaplan

Is it for you?

  • Do you want to deliver more powerful insights than currently possible within the Anaplan toolset?
  • Are you currently leveraging Anaplan modelling and interested in scaling the outputs to a wider audience?
  • Are you interested in enabling more users to gain insight from your planning applications by using Tableau? 
  • Would you like to accelerate business planning abilities with a robust cloud-based planning and reporting platform? 
  • Do you have cumbersome, antiquated or spreadsheet-based business planning processes which could benefit from a transformation?