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Social Media Analytics for the Enterprise

Type: Webcast

Topic: Social Media Analytics


On Demand: Social Media Analytics for the Enterprise

Across the globe, sharing personal information, opinions and perspectives via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook has become the cultural norm. For businesses, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to gain behavioural insights from their customers and consumers. It is now possible to obtain and analyze data from most of these social networks alongside your other enterprise data.

This webcast shares some of our learnings on the benefits and challenges of Social Media Analytics.


Many businesses have realized the importance of Social Media data for improving various aspects of their business, including marketing, sales, and customer service.  Social data platforms such as DataSift allow users to access the continuously evolving, fast-paced stream of social data and analyze it with powerful and familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau.

This webcast:

  • Discusses the social media landscape & social data platforms
  • Demonstrates how you can capture social data
  • Demonstrates the ease with which you can start to analyze social data


Is it for you?

Are you: 

  • Looking to understand how analyzing social media data could benefit your organisation?
  • Frustrated by the limitations of analytics in social media management platforms?
  • Keen to analyze social data alongside your CRM, ERP or other data?

If so, this webcast will be a valuable investment of your time.