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Using analytics to make the most of your supply chain data

Type: Webcast

Topic: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Procurement

Date(s) / Location(s):
24 Jan 2017, Webcast

Start Time: 00:00 GMT  End Time: 00:00 GMT

Thorogood consultants Ahmad Nategh and Henrietta Forssen show a number of examples of how to harness the power of data to deliver maximum benefits from your procurement activities.

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What to expect

This webcast demonstrates how we have helped customers use Business Intelligence & Analytics to:

  • Identify opportunities to avoid wasteful expenditure and achieve savings
  • Monitor supplier quality and performance
  • Improve supplier relationship management
  • Optimize internal procurement and stock management processes

Through our experience of working with consumer goods companies we have found that optimizing costs without compromising quality or delivery schedules is the top priority for procurement and supply chain managers.

The ability to align with suppliers, share information and build a collaborative culture with them is also of the utmost importance.

You can achieve these goals by combining data from your existing systems and harnessing their power to gain further insights which can be shared both internally and with suppliers.

Using live demonstrations of reporting solutions made in Microsoft Power BI, our consultants show how you can:

  • Analyze supplier performance using reporting solutions at different levels; from high level dashboards and supplier specific reports, to detailed analysis
  • Strengthen supplier relationships via shared platforms
  • Identify and analyze opportunities to reduce spend in your procurement process

Is it for you?

  • Are you facing quality issues in your procurement process?
  • Are you struggling to bring together disparate sources of data to get the full picture?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to get more from your procurement process?