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Power BI Update: The rapid evolution of Microsoft’s visualization capability

Type: Webcast

Topic: Microsoft, Power BI

Date(s) / Location(s):
13 Dec 2016

Start Time: 00:00 GMT  End Time: 00:00 GMT

In July 2015 Microsoft launched a new direction for Power BI. No longer dependent on Office and SharePoint the new Power BI service and standalone free Power BI desktop tool have helped Microsoft re-emerge as one of the leaders in Business Intelligence visualization tools. Ever since the re-launch, the evolution of Power BI has been rapid with ever growing functionality and connectivity options.

Thorogood Principal Consultant Jon Ward demonstrates the latest capability of Power BI while examining the architectural options available for your enterprise organization, including a look at new opportunities to host Power BI on premise.

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What we cover

In this webcast, we: 

  • Demonstrate the latest updates to Power BI
  • Provide an overview of the architectural options including Power BI desktop, Power BI service, and upcoming on premise architecture
  • Explore the latest integration and connectivity options
  • Discuss the Power BI roadmap

Is it for you? 

  • Are you interested in understanding whether Power BI could meet your reporting and analysis needs? 
  • Have you tried Power BI in the past and found it not to be a viable alternative to your existing reporting and visualization tools? With the pace of change in Power BI you may be surprised to see how much it has improved.
  • Are you unclear on the architectural options for Power BI and how it could fit in your organization?
  • Are you interested in Power BI capability hosted on premise?
  • Do your business users need more agile, self-serve reporting and analysis capability than is currently available to them?