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Mobile BI and Personal Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

Type: Webcast

Topic: Microsoft, business intelligence, Power BI

Microsoft-webcast-apr-15.jpgAt this webcast, we featured the latest release of Power BI from Microsoft. Power BI 
is a suite of tools that modernizes and personalizes the experience of traditional Excel spreadsheets and graphs on your desktop and on the web. We demonstrated the latest features and discussed how they can bring your existing data investments to life.

What we covered?

We showcased the functionality of Power BI and the new tools it offers both within Excel and online to discuss how it can integrate with an organization’s existing data investments. The session included presentations and demonstrations on the following topics:

  • What is Power BI? We explored the tools included in the suite and explained what each one means to an end user.
  • Personal Dashboards We demonstrated how to use the newest features in Power BI to easily personalize your experience.
  • Mobility We displayed Power BI’s capability across devices on a variety of browsers and a new native iPad app


Is it for you?

  • Do you find yourself unable to recognize insights in data quickly or efficiently?
  • Are you an Excel user looking for new ways to visualize and consume data?
  • Are you looking to evangelize the latest Excel technology within your organization?

If so, this webcast will provide valuable information as to how Power BI can provide a modern and personalized data experience.