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Enable collaborative planning & forecasting using Anaplan

Type: Webcast

Topic: Anaplan, Planning & Forecasting

Date(s) / Location(s):
18 Jul 2017, At your desk

Start Time: 00:00 EDT  End Time: 00:00 EDT

Thorogood consultants Laura Haase  and Amanda Teschko illustrate how your organization could use Anaplan to improve planning capabilities and replace spreadsheet-driven processes across a variety of business functions.

Salesforce & Enable collaborative planning & forecasting using Anaplan.jpg

What to expect

Anaplan is a cloud-based enterprise planning and modelling platform that is disrupting and reinventing the way organizations are operating key processes. It combines the collaborative contributions of business users with other data sources to calculate results and outcomes in a highly interactive manner. These solutions can be customized to handle the complexities of your unique business requirements in many scenarios beyond financial planning and budgeting.

In this session, they give you an overview of Anaplan and how it transforms and streamlines business planning processes. They help you envision how Anaplan might benefit your business and explore a variety of use cases across business areas such as sales, marketing, and operations.

We aimed to answer questions such as:

  • How can Anaplan enhance data- and logic-rich collaborative processes?
  • How can Anaplan streamline workflows and business processes? 
  • What does Anaplan deliver in terms of productivity, transparency, control, insight and understanding?
  • How can Anaplan’s flexibility and self-serve capabilities handle constant business change?

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in using or understanding Anaplan and its potential in your business?
  • Do you have cumbersome spreadsheet-based business planning processes which could use a transformation? 
  • Are you currently using Anaplan and keen to maximize its potential?
  • Do you have complex demand-planning requirements that could be aided by additional modelling or statistical forecasting methods?