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Insurance Analytics with Microsoft

Type: Webinar

Topic: Microsoft BI, Insurance

Understanding the underlying drivers to any business is key. No more so than in the Insurance sector, where understanding the relationship between policies and claims is critical to setting an effective reserving strategy and pricing model going forward.  In this recorded webinar we show how Microsoft Excel, the ubiquitous user tool, can deliver great value in this area. We use loss triangle analysis as our example, but the aim is to help you to see the wider potential of the Microsoft toolset.

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Watch Insurance Analytics with Microsoft Webcast


What to expect

Loss triangles are a common technique used to analyze the development of loss over time.  These triangles can be difficult to construct because of the nature of the information and the volume of historical data needed for analysis. 

However, loss triangles don’t need to be onerous to create or rigid in functionality. This webinar shows the capability of analysing loss triangles in a familiar tool, Microsoft Excel, delivering both performance and functionality without the complexity of integrating data or slow performance.

Is it for you?

You may be an analyst who works hands-on with tools and data; you may be a finance director who wants to see what you can expect from people, or an IT director who wants to provide the right tools.

If you need to keep up to date with what’s possible, are interested in practical benefits and want to make the best use of your time, you will find joining this webinar an easy and a quick way to get valuable insight.

We hope that this webinar will help you see what’s possible. If you want to dig deeper, we also run follow-up in-person workshops in the UK and US. These give you an opportunity for more intensive dialogue with our consultants and with fellow professionals from the insurance sector on issues which you are particularly interested in. Our customers value our events:

“Excellent - again”  CIO, Canopius Managing Agents Limited