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Empowering Self-Service BI with Tableau

Type: Webcast

Topic: Tableau, self-service

Empowering_Self_Seervice_with_Tableau_.jpgIn this short webcast, we review the benefits of self-service and the power of Tableau to enable enterprises to implement self-service effectively. With the combination of Tableau and an intelligently provisioned semantic data model, users can work at the speed of thought. 
This demo-led session presents customer examples of leveraging Tableau for self-service, as well as provide ideas and considerations for those thinking of implementing self-service within their organisation.


What to expect:

Many businesses have realized the huge opportunities that follow from empowering their users with an intuitive technology such as Tableau. These opportunities raise new questions:

  • How can Tableau help to ensure users are consuming data effectively?
  • How can requests and changes be addressed to keep up with demand, while not compromising on quality?
  • How do we ensure that insights gained through Tableau are accurate and data is reliable and up-to-date?
  • How can data be structured to allow for successful buy-in and easy reporting for all users?
  • How can security be maintained in an environment where users have greater access to data?
  • What governance policies are needed to make self-service a sustained success?

Both end users and IT managers can see benefits with a self-service approach. Users can get their reports quickly, without adding to an IT backlog. IT can then devote more time to strategic activities. With a sound end-to-end approach, both parties can thrive in their roles. Using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, we will demonstrate our experience with Enterprise solutions to illustrate successful self-service strategies. Find out how to enable users to gain valuable insight from their data, and how they can share this knowledge across the organization in a flexible and effective way.

Is it for you?

  • Are current reports changing too slowly for your evolving business needs?
  • Does your data platform exist unregulated across numerous Excel documents or Access databases rather than having one version of the truth?
  • Are you in need of a platform that allows users across your business to access and analyze data from multiple sources?
  • Would you like your users to share and discuss their insights in a collaborative environment?