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See the future clearly by planning demand with Anaplan

Type: Webcast

Topic: Anaplan

If you want to protect or grow your margins, an accurate picture of future customer behavior is essential. In this webcast Thorogood consultant Amy Bellamy shows how Anaplan can deliver flexible yet integrated, data driven forecasting processes quicker than ever before.

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During the course of the webcast, we:

Present a demo based on an Anaplan cloud system we built for a well-known consumer goods company.  This system leverages Anaplan’s robust foresight capabilities, using complex statistical techniques overlaid with manual adjustments to produce a detailed demand forecast.

  • Illustrate Anaplan’s foresight with statistical techniques which identify trends and seasonality in past data and use them to create more accurate forecasts 
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to make manual adjustments to the statistical forecast and then further refine with top down and bottom up adjustments
  • Show the responsiveness of Anaplan’s powerful hyper-bloc calculation engine
  • See how process owners can control single stages with a customized and intuitive interface 
  • Use the system’s transparency to show how users can augment and manage change to the ongoing application

Is it for you?

  • Are you struggling with a labor-intensive forecasting process?
  • Are you keen to transform forecasting accuracy by building it on past performance and business insight?
  • Are you struggling to forecast at a granular level because of sheer data volumes, such as forecasting for all customers and products?
  • Is poor forecasting leading to lost opportunities or waste?
  • Do you have a non-integrated forecasting process spread across multiple tools and spreadsheets? 
  • Does planning involve a complex series of inputs from different systems and users who need to collaborate?
  • Does your planning process need to evolve constantly and be built on a platform which hands control to business users?

 If so, this recorded webcast will be a valuable investment of your time.