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Constructing a Well-Orchestrated BI & Analytics Strategy: Considerations for front end tool selection

Type: Webcast

Topic: Tool Selection, BI Strategy

Are you grappling with lists of features, trying to work out which tools are required to meet your company's unique and complex needs?

Thorogood consultant Amanda Teschko shows that a comprehensive Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy requires careful orchestration of the tools, data, people, and processes required to contribute valuably to your business objectives.



In the first session of this four-part series, we focus on tool selection and share the necessary considerations for fashioning an enterprise tool strategy that is both robust and sustainable enough to meet evolving business needs and technology landscapes.


What we will cover:

  • Common pain points that organizations experience when trying to work out the best technologies to use
  • A look at areas that are often missed when considering enterprise tool selections
  • Sample approaches that can be taken to devise a tool strategy that remains resilient in the face of changing landscapes
  • Insights on the trends we are seeing around the business intelligence and analytics tool offerings from different vendors


Is it for you?

  • Are you currently working out which technologies your company should adopt to achieve your business objectives?
  • Are you trying to determine which selection of technologies available within your organization today is most suitable for a specific project you are looking to undertake?
  • Does your organization have a gap in the capabilities required from a tool perspective to meet your business goals?
  • Would you like to understand more about the elements that require consideration when employing a business intelligence and analytics strategy?