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Getting more out of your data with Power BI for your Enterprise

Type: Webcast

Topic: Microsoft, Business Intelligence, Power BI, Mobile

Microsoft’s flagship business intelligence service, Power BI, embodies Microsoft’s ‘mobile first, cloud first’ strategy, providing an extensive collaborative and on-the-go solution that meets evolving business needs.

Click the image below to watch this 45 minute recorded webcast now:

Watch Power BI for your Enterprise


Since its first release, the Microsoft team has been committed to consistent and noteworthy updates to enhance user experience and extend the capabilities of the service. Many corporations that have already invested in the Microsoft platform can increase their competitiveness in the current and future marketplace by combining their existing infrastructure with these new offerings.

Thorogood has been helping companies plan for and adopt this new portfolio of applications and services, as and when they make sense for each of their businesses.



In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultants Amanda Teschko and Bridget Rauch provide a brief overview of the three major components of the Power BI toolset – the online Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, and Power BI Mobile – for users who are unfamiliar with the rapidly developing technology. They then highlight the newest additions and advancements within each of these platforms, and how they can be optimized for your data.

Microsoft’s active user community allows for continuous development and release; knowing how to integrate the newest capabilities with your business allows you to reach the full potential of the Power BI technology suite.

    • We introduce the Power BI suite of applications, resources available to the Power BI community and advancements to Power BI for the enterprise.
    • We explore how users of all levels of expertise can benefit from the Power BI suite.
    • We demonstrate how customizable Power BI visualizations can be combined with the analytical power of R to create reports that dive deeper into your data.
    • We show how stories told by your data can easily be shared across teams to get the most out of your reporting solutions.
    • We explore Power BI Mobile’s continued improvement of user experience and on-the-go reporting and analysis capabilities.
    • We discuss the seamless integration between the three sets of tools in the Power BI suite and how their combined use creates a robust solution for your enterprise architecture.


Is it for you?

    • Do you want to know more about the new tools and services being delivered by Microsoft through Power BI?
    • Are your users demanding access to new data faster than your current BI architecture can deliver it?
    • Are you unsure how to incorporate cloud services into your Microsoft BI architecture?
    • Do you have use cases for analytics that can’t be met by your existing tools?


Thorogood is an independent consultancy specializing in Business Intelligence and Analytics, with over 25 years' experience in providing strategy, requirements analysis, design, implementation, training, support and analytics services to the world's leading companies.