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The Stages of your Analytics Journey Workshop


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  • Machine Learning (ML)
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  • Multi-Cloud

Join us on September 29th for a hands-on workshop to learn more about Machine Learning (ML) and its applications.

Data is the world’s most precious resource. Most organizations now understand what data they have access to and where it is stored. However, few organizations understand how to analyze that data to understand “what happened?”, “why did it happen?”, and “what is going to happen next?”.

In this workshop we will talk through each stage of the journey that an organization can undergo to effectively apply machine learning (ML) to their data to find insights and inform decisions. From the beginning steps of creating an ML model, all the way through to having a successful productionized solution that the business understands and uses repeatedly, and every stage in between.

With multiple presenters, we will cover:

  • Creating your first simple Machine Learning models
  • Moving models from experimentation to productionization
  • Measuring the success of your models
  • Understanding the output from model and using it to inform business decisions

Is it for you?

  • Are you interested in how analytics could benefit your business?
  • Do you want to see how Machine Learning can work? Even if you don’t intend to get “hands-on” with the technology tools