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Scaling and Sharing Analytics with Microsoft Machine Learning Server


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Watch Thorogood consultants Matt Harrison and Scott Stieritz as they explore how Microsoft Machine Learning Server empowers not only data scientists but your entire business.

Microsoft Machine Learning Server, has developed significantly over the past few years. By increasing resources available to data scientists and by providing a robust architecture for creating, scaling, and sharing analytical insights throughout the business, ML Server is ready to help your organization take the next step toward analytical maturity.

Scaling and Sharing Analytics with Microsoft Learning Server

What to expect

This webcast includes presentations and demos as they discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to Microsoft ML Server
  • Discussion of how ML Server fits in with other Microsoft R offerings
  • Exploration of how ML Server can enable data scientists with shared compute functionality
  • A look at productionizing analytics via web services using ML Server


Is it for you?

  • Do you have data scientists that are frustrated by the limited computational resources available to them?
  • Are you getting valuable outputs from your analytics teams but are stumbling over how to best share this value throughout your organization?
  • Do you feel stuck in “exploration” when it comes to analytics and cannot find a robust process for going into production?
  • Are you getting started with analytics in your organization and are looking to understand what technical possibilities exist?