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Refresh your Azure Cloud Platform Workshop


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  • Azure Cloud Platform

Cloud technologies and data platforms are evolving constantly, as business needs are as well. Considering all available options, and choosing the right, and flexible path, as you chart out your journey for data and analytics is key to realizing continued business benefits.

Organizations who are commencing their transition to the cloud can feel overwhelmed with the options available to them. Correspondingly, organizations who have been utilizing the cloud might find that the technologies have evolved, and additional options are available today for addressing the aspects that they most value, or those that have been serving as pain points for them. In this workshop, we will share what is it that organizations should consider when theorizing their data platforms within the Azure cloud, leveraging our experience of helping the world’s leading organizations on the topic and the relationships we share with the most relevant technology partners.

In this session we will:

  • Outline the different tools and technologies available, and the benefits of using them in conjunction with one another within Azure
  • Outline typical organization scenarios and relate architectural patterns and approaches that make most sense.
  • Relate choices in the cloud to efficiency, automation and infrastructure costs
  • Address questions which we encounter most often from our customers around architectural patterns and approaches