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Producing better decisions by helping people see and understand their data – creating insights from numbers.

With its strong focus on powerful insights, Tableau allows users to explore and visualize data from multiple sources in minutes. With first-rate ease, speed, and flexibility, Tableau is a unique product suite for organizations interested in user-driven business intelligence.


Need help getting started?

Thorogood’s Iterative Dashboard Methodology delivers compelling, business focussed Tableau dashboards, working side-by-side with customers to understand their ambitions and guide them from vision through to delivery – and beyond, helping to empower users and embed solutions into the organization.

Define Business Concepts

We begin by distilling business objectives down to core concepts, away from preconceived notions about how information should be displayed.

Inspiration Session

Guided by business goals, stakeholders attend a facilitated workshop, devised to unleash creativity by sharing visuals they’ve found inspiring.

First Draft

Creativity gets put to practice quickly by turning around a Tableau prototype, displaying real data as the basis for rapid iteration.

Rapid Iterations

The prototype is adapted and evolved in a series of quick successive iterations that focus on collecting and rapidly implementing customer feedback.

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Contact Andy Lazenby.  Andy is a BI & Analytics Consultant, and Head of Marketing at Thorogood.

Cyber Vulnerabilities

See how Tableau has helped understand the growing number of cyber threats.

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