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Time to think about a new BI and Analytics Operating Model?


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The world is changing, and no more so than in Business Intelligence and Analytics. Gone are the days when IT departments were responding to requests for descriptive information and where the business was prepared to wait months to get it. Now they need to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, and they need it yesterday. The pressure on IT to deliver has never been greater.

See how platform and software cloud services are helping with agility, while tools like Power BI, Tableau and Qlik are removing bottlenecks by enabling powerful self-service. Analytics is being addressed by the vendors too, but much of this is new. Do you have the right people, processes, technology and data to deliver?

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What is covered:

At this recording we look at how you can:

  • Identify what’s important to your business – what’s working and what needs attention
  • Measure your current operating model against where you need to be
  • Analyze the gaps and define a target operating model
  • Define a roadmap to set up the right people, processes, technology and data to deliver a modern BI and Analytics operating model
  • Who will benefit?

  • Are you responsible for delivering Business Intelligence and Analytics within your organization?
  • Are your business users asking for insights you just can’t deliver?
  • Is your IT department a BI bottleneck?
  • Are you being asked for data that your technology can’t handle?
  • Is your current set-up failing to support the analytical needs of today?