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2018.06.13 Tableau Platform Updates


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Tableau Prep & More: What Tableau’s Latest Updates Mean for You

Thorogood consultants Austin Fiero and Matt Harrison present a deep dive into recent updates across the Tableau platform and explore how these updates could impact on your organization.

Tableau is rapidly expanding the value of its platform by continuing to enhance its core reporting functionality and now enabling painless data preparation and transformation behind the scenes.

With an understanding of the interplay of business goals and technical possibilities, Thorogood will help you consider how you and your organization can benefit from these updates to the Tableau platform.

Tableau Prep & More: What Tableau’s Latest Updates Mean for You

What to expect

This webcast includes live presentation and demos as we discuss the following topics:

Exploration of the major updates to the Tableau platform in Tableau 2018.1
Introduction to Tableau Prep, Tableau’s new data preparation and integration tool
Observations on how these updates can evolve your company’s approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics

Is it for you?

Do you feel like you’re struggling with data preparation and have little time left for valuable analysis?
Are you looking to leverage the power of the new Tableau Prep offering alongside a number of other exciting updates to Tableau?
Are you trying to modernize your reports with some of the newest functionality in Tableau?
Are you trying to decide if Tableau is right for your organization and want to learn more about what Tableau can offer?