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Integrating your Supply Chain using BI & Analytics


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With organizations expanding their global footprint, supply chain models have become increasingly disparate. Given its apparent importance, supply chain excellence can provide a powerful competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In this recorded webcast, we discuss how organizations can use Business Intelligence and Data Science to integrate supply chain processes. This helps unlock downstream efficiencies and realize upstream value by freeing up working capital, reducing waste and carbon footprint and improving customer serviceability.

The growing expenditure on Supply Chain Analytics indicates the growing focus within organizations to inculcate intelligence into their supply chain processes and its evolution from just a tactical force to a more strategic transformation agent.

What we cover:

  • Leveraging our experience, we explore how different Supply Chain processes can be linked together to provide a wholesome picture of the health of your operations.
  • How advanced analytics can be used to improve demand forecasting accuracy.
  • Exploring potential cloud strategies that will service an integrated supply chain model.

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to unlock valuable insights about your supply chain by leveraging a cloud strategy for your business?
  • Are you responsible for taking costs out of your supply chain?
  • Would like to take your customer serviceability to another level with a lean, efficient and integrated supply chain?