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Open up data analysis in your enterprise with Qlik


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Your enterprise data is a valuable asset. You’ve spent years collecting data on customer activity, finances, and stock levels – information that everyone from sales to accounting could learn from, gaining the insight to make better decisions. But if this information is locked away, with only a select few people able to analyze the data and distribute reports, are you really getting the most out of this useful resource?

In this recorded webcast Thorogood consultants James Leonard and Deepika Bhatt provide an overview of the Qlik suite, including QlikView and NPrinting, before demonstrating Qlik Sense, a self-service option which can be used throughout your enterprise, enabling more people to benefit from dynamic and intuitive data reports.
There is also a look at the hot topic of embedded analytics, and explore how Qlik is purpose-built to embed intelligence anywhere. Easily combine any data source, no matter how large, and create powerful analytics seamlessly integrated into your users’ workflow, from simple widgets and web mashups to fully custom analytics applications.

Qlik Data Offerings

What to expect

In this session we demonstrate Qlik Sense, using relevant industry examples to show how it can be used across your enterprise for better decision making at every level.

This webcast:

  • Introduces Qlik, its roadmap, and its offerings: Qlik Sense, QlikView and NPrinting
  • Demonstrates robust and interactive custom Qlik solutions that address business areas such as financials, customer reporting, and product analytics
  • Highlights the common challenges that enterprise organizations face with user adoption, data integration, and infrastructure scalability

Is it for you?

  • Are you evaluating Qlik Sense and QlikView but aren’t sure if they will work for your organization?
  • Are your current reporting solutions falling behind your evolving business needs?
  • Is your organization struggling to get maximum value out of enterprise data systems?
  • Does your data platform exist unregulated across numerous Excel documents or Access databases rather than having one version of the truth.