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Productionizing Analytics


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Thorogood consultant Andrew Kennedy on how to productionize your analytics. In this recorded webcast Andrew discusses the key challenges that organizations face when coordinating analytics at enterprise scale for maximum impact. He shares the types of strategies and platforms organizations can put in place, illustrated with real customer examples.


What to expect:

With more and more organizations investing in analytical tools and capabilities, the opportunities presented to drive value within the business are ever greater. However, many struggle to realize the full value of what is available. In this session we will help formalize the main difficulties in this area as well as the steps to overcoming them.

We look at questions such as:

  • Where are the key challenges facing organizations in productionizing their analytics?
  • How can I move my organization to scalable and high-powered analytics?
  • What could a real-world solution look like?
  • How can I make my analytics investments a success?

Is it for you?

  • Are you struggling to make analytical insights widely available within your organization?
  • Have you faced issues in moving from a successful proof of concept or pilot project to a high-value enterprise level solution?
  • Do you have questions regarding which technologies best suit your needs, both now and in the future?